Entire English language poetry collection




By Принцалександр (princeAlexander)


By Принцалександр ******************* * “Drive in” love * ******************* We all like love to be two way street Where feelings ride back and forth with full speed We are trying to avoid paying tolls That is how we like love to be, boys and dolls But some streets get marked as one way From which tough to back off – there is price to pay Most of them, one way streets, are DEAD ENDs Other name for those is “Let’s be friends” When you have a full tank of gas – then you still could ride But if love “runs on empty” – brake and pull to the side ! Just get out from it, calmly take the walk There’s no need anymore to drive and to “talk the talk” ====================================== ****************************************** * An alien visitor from the planet Earth * ****************************************** I am the visitor from Earth Not sure what’s my visit worth I see familiar landscape Like of the planet I escaped Both planets look like very same I see the sufferings and pain I see bloodshed, bullshit and hate I see no hope here for to wait My travel was a waste of time I’ve seen enough of sex and crime On planet Earth’s TV network This visit really did not work It’s good my visit was dream’s fake I’d better rather get awake And face the planet, called the Earth Here comes the end of my sad verse ====================================== ****************************************** * As lion March in Boston starts * ****************************************** As lion March in Boston starts and as a lamb it ends That means that Winter and the Spring through fight are changing hands Though winds subside by April first but sometimes as a joke On that same day snowstorm from sky falls down as a hawk Onto Beantown as a prey it sets its snowed grip By dressing streets in winter clothes once more in fierce zip And tree’s awaken swollen buds are tortured by the cold As anguished be one’s dreams of Love, being kept in heart on hold And how ironic – in two week comes up the taxing date, Unnatural disaster’s dread, by human brain being made So here you go, wait my Love for fourteen days to churn Returning back to You is blocked by need to file return The Duty comes in front of Love Soul’s spring to slap by senseless glove Tax form’s pile up in gloomy stack While feelings, hopes and dreams got stuck ====================================== ****************************************** *Besame Mucho – Juanita, the Mexican girl* ****************************************** I’m in love with Juanita From El Paso country song Kiss me stronger, senorita Make my memories be gone To forget the northern beauty Who’s cold heart is made of stone Kiss me stronger, Spanish cutie Give me love I missed so long Brown eyes so warm and tender Margaritaville from blender Makes it easy to surrender Borrowing love from lovely lender Do not check my credit rating I am all anticipating Give me love that I am awaiting Make my loneliness abating Rambling rose from Spanish garden Do not let my heart to harden Harden only what can please I am down on my knees I’m in love with Juanita From El Paso country song Kiss me stronger, senorita Make my memories be gone ….. Should I break with Juanita ? Better fits my age Lolita 😉 ? Better she my pocket fits No dollars, just few sweets And as far as sex life goes Less demands on man she throws Her so simple childish needs Even sugar daddy meets ====================================== ****************************************** * Between the two * ****************************************** I don’t want to read your book, I don’t want to know you better Between the friendship and the love, too much of knowledge kills the latter. Between the angel part of you and lusting bitch if that might matter Between the two, between the two, between the two – I’ll take the latter. I’ll kiss the tipper* of your toe I promise not to ask for more I’ll fondle nipples of your breast I will not dare touching rest I am the stranger in your lands My journey at the borders ends My ship I anchor at your ports I’ll stay in bounds of my words. ====================================== ****************************************** * Come taste the wine * ****************************************** I think that Cabaret’s, well …, not so “Blushing Flower” Elsie Be stunned to learn about marriage, set for Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea While Elsie made her living renting “by the hour” The quarter million dollars Clintons spent just for arranging Chelsea’s marriage flowers While richest crowd gathered in upstate NY well guarded mansion I am guessing that the invitations card did mention: “Come taste the wine, come hear the band, come blow your horn, start celebrating; Go right this way, your table’s waiting” At that same very day (as any other) The homeless folks, being awfully hungry rather Without shedding any joy or tears, Regarding Chelsea’s marriage, were in the “Food Kitchen” fed by volunteers And though that setting was not as glamorous as one in Astor’s mansion I’d wish that serving volunteer mention: “Come taste the wine, come hear the band, come blow your horn, start celebrating; Go right this way, your table’s waiting” ====================================== ****************************************** * Date with the Death * ****************************************** I had experience, I confess Of having meeting with the Death We played the party of the chess My life at stake with, no less For every clever move I made Response was stronger from my date And move by move and step by step He pushed me closer to grave’s gap It did not take too long to wait That I was given check and mate It was so clear that my fate Is to descend down world of late ====================================== ****************************************** * Do you love or just want to be loved ? * ****************************************** Do you love or just want to be loved ? Is for you “to be loved” good enough ? Should you settle your life just with that, How it feels during times, spent in bed ? If lovemaking just comes as technique Not requiring for both hearts to click If the *skills* are well tuned and adjusted, being tried Then before you are ready to fall into sleep, *satisfied* … Do you dare to say: “I do too !” to the guy ? Does he really know it is just a lie ??? Was he able sometimes to cut through And reply with the pain: “It’s not true!” ====================================== ****************************************** * Drama boy * ****************************************** When he called her last night and has heard her strange voice, tone of which was so nervous and tense He has felt right away by the depths of his guts grim onset of impending suspense She just said: “I am going to send you email” in the end of that short conversation And he ran to computer to wait for bad news and kept waiting while loosing his patience In an hour it came with the innocent start – just describing how busy her day was Thus reducing forthcoming unpleasant impact by slow down and taking some pause He scrolled down through it in the quick half a glance jumping right to the core of the matter To face up with the truth of what’s going to be – like it is – no worse and no better She committed tomorrow to spend with “old flame”, “you know who”, that “significant other” So she hardly will have any time set for else on that day – so brace up and be cool with it rather Drama boy, drama boy – what you’re going to do ?- you’re so old and that makes it quite funny … Will you live through that cold, lost by you Sunday day, will the next day be brighter and sunny ? ====================================== ****************************************** * Farewell oh my father * ****************************************** I will never forget that December gloom day When my father in Hospice was going away I stood still at his bed having just come from work He was calm paralyzed and not able to talk Then he gathered his strength and we caught eye to eye And he showed me up with his gaze to the sky In his look was no sorrow, no worry, no fear, no “why” That was just his sweet way to express last Good-Bye Farewell oh my father, you’ve lived honest life You are leaving behind grown son and your wife All your troubles are over, you came to the end I am praying that you to the sky will be sent ====================================== ****************************************** * From the distance * ****************************************** I don’t want to pretend To be your friend Nor your Daddy But sometimes I see the girl in you With bear-teddy Then I wish to give you kiss, wipe your tear And not scared to act funny in once’s view Oh my girl With a curl Oh my Dear! To embrace and give two sweets As a treats Coming near Yes, two sweets – one just for you And one for teddy-bear Kiss once more and stroke your hair with no resistance And then gently step away And watch you play From the distance ====================================== ****************************************** * Ghost in the woods * ****************************************** We are naked and alone when we’re not willfully born And we are also alone when we die And the same in between, every year on and on No matter do laugh we or cry How can I expect that I’ll be understood By your mind or by instinct of yours When myself I feel lost in emotional wood Where I am walking alone like a ghost Where my jealousy fights with my faith and my trust Where one part of me hopes that you love me in me, but another so painfully screams That I’m just a placeholder in the world of your dreams Unfulfilled by someone in your past ! When our bodies together are blending in one Are you thinking of him, while keep holding me tight Giving kindly to me what is his by his right Who escaped from your hands on the run ? ====================================== ****************************************** * Girls and their fantasy lovers * ****************************************** Those girls are the type, who lives in the dream With the fantasy lover – made for worshiping him He is their Prince Charming and he is their White Knight The one who comes only to visit by night He loves them so gently and never offends He is ever so sweet so romance never ends Real guys on the street can’t compare to Prince Being rude from the go and then ever since Unlike fake Prince Charming guys dump girls at once The Knight never does it and keeps the romance Oh those silly girls, whom reality can not convince That they just renamed Teddy Bear to Prince ====================================== ****************************************** * I think of you ! * ****************************************** When I am waking up, my Love – I do think of you ! Looking down or above – I do think of you ! Just before I fell asleep – I still think of you ! When I’m sad and want to weep – Oh … I think of you ! When I see girls on the street – I think just of you ! Not to let my life to quit – I need to think of you ! When I want to feel the joy – then I think of you ! I start acting as young boy – when I think of you ! Any words to show fail – what I think of you ! Only having you could tell – how I feel for you ! ====================================== *********************************************** * I thought that snow melted away for good * *********************************************** I thought that snow melted away for good, but here it comes again Well … the winding road to Spring is quite long, it doesn’t have the fast lane In other places Spring already has come, while where I am – not just yet But I’ll keep the faith in season’s change – instead of being so upset Within the reason of being just a little bit sane There is no use to cry madly in vain There is no use again to cry in vain and to pay an emotional toll For the fact of the nature that the window’s view isn’t in sync with my soul But wait a second, am I too involved into my own personal stuff? Why readers be burdened with my feelings and pain , when they have of their own enough? If I could teach them something what to do when life is becoming tough … But I don’t know how to live myself – I admit being in anger and huff So I’ll try separating my life apart from the poetry for now on It’s no use, for the public review on line, my soul inside out to turn Exhibition in rhymes is a shame on its own, much like as being caught undressed The poet and stripper are two different jobs, which should not together be messed ====================================== *********************************************** * I will stay the course * *********************************************** I am in love with you for better or for worse I am in love with you with no sad remorse You may reject my love or you may endorse It doesn’t matter, I will stay the course ====================================== *********************************************** * I wish that night to never be * *********************************************** I wish that night to never be I thought you’re working as a bee I caught you with him in the bar I had no clue it went that far This finding caught me in surprise Can’t hide the tears in my eyes You were so busy being with him Engaged in love and act on whim I felt embarrassed to be there Pretending that I do not care I wish I’d never gone that far And show myself in that damn bar You were so much in your love game With no limit, no shame You threw yourself to him so clear I felt so bad while standing near You threw yourself with no fear To show the world how you endear When being with me you were intent To keep our love “under the tent” With reputation free of taint You were so private and restraint Now I could see you so much changed It makes me feel to be avenged Being found, caught you in surprise I noticed bother in your eyes I was the hindrance on your way To let you deal with in a fray That came unwanted, undesired Distracting you from being love fired What I could tell you on my part – I still love you with all my heart I can’t change you – it is too late – I’m left to hate my cruel fate Well, if your love to me has passed – I do not want the break up last So if you’ll leave me – don’t wait, let’s part and split without hate Just say goodbye, let’s make it quick – let me not show that I am weak I wish your new love all of luck, just let me fade into the dark ====================================== ******************************************************** In lack of fantasies and fighting sheer madness ******************************************************* In lack of fantasies and fighting sheer madness We, poets, like to write about love and sadness With our eyes, so wettable with tears, And our hearts, so tunable to fears, We grab our pens and shut our ears We cry of pure love (with no Pap smears) To our girlfriends, which were caught while cheating, (Oh those betraying snakes with lying words, which are so witting …) And our feelings – they are hurt and bleed with sorrow We write that life has ended, and will be no tomorrow We write that faith in love is lost, and trust nowhere to be borrowed We write and lines of mellow poetry gets crunched and crunched and crunched … But then we go hungry, suddenly the flood of sadness stops, and, cheerfully, we do break for lunch. ====================================== *********************************** In the doll house ********************************** In your mature moods you’re either angel or a b—- But there is also third one, child like, which I am amazed to watch, when you allow it to show When you just want to play with me like with a toy And then I strive to be on par with you, behaving like a boy Who finds himself in doll house locked with nowhere to go ====================================== **************************** Inspirational chant **************************** Go forward, don’t live by the past Be steadfast ! Go forward, life embrace with no fear Persevere ! Have a purpose. accept no defeat True grit ! Don’t give up and continue vying Keep trying ! ====================================== ****************************************** * Joke is better * ****************************************** Keeps complaining poetess That under stress and duress There is no life and no peace That’s no good, my dear Miss, but where is our post police ? Others got creative flow Going fast or going slow So we have poetic flood Burying us in verbal mud Lots of words of crying hell From ones so hurt, they can’t get well Loosing life’s endurance, With no health insurance Being heart broken and love sick Empathy those writers seek There is no place for joking Tears got me choking I myself can not complain Except for age and mental pain In the ass, which was once head Where used to brain I had Some like white bread, others rye Joke is better than the cry Let’s postpone the crying Till the time of dying ====================================== ****************************************** * Like rivers flow into ocean * ****************************************** Like rivers flow into ocean Unstoppable time’s steady motion And only Love without caution Survives the time through its Devotion —————————————– To camps my father sentenced was When I was only four; and I was told that on that date He asked my mother: “Will you wait ?” And she replied: “Of course” I do remember how trucks With prisoners aboard did drive from prison to Gulag I stood with mother watching it but could not comprehend Why father taken was from me and why he waves his hand I hardly noticed him at all among the other men My mother pointed him to me and went to cry again Armed guards were watching this send off and kept the crowd at bay That early morning in the square on grim and rainy day And years slowly passed along in loneliness and doom There were my mother and small me, confined in single room From day to day just two of us, just two and no one else … All relatives and former friends *forgot* our address When they would spot Mom on the street – they’d cross to other side From wife of *enemy of state* they were quite quick to hide In kinder garden and at school knew too who’s son I am And I could read it in their eyes – they hate me and condemn My mother, trying find a job, in vain knocked closed doors Her applications were denied after background check Being engineer by degree she ended mopping floors The pay just covered buying food when she was coming back “Mom, could I have a bike ?” – I asked when I was eight She said: “Perhaps the other year, we need to learn to wait” And we kept waiting, she – for Dad, and I to get my bike When I was nine Dad didn’t come but I got what I like ====================================== ****************************************** * Melting snow * ****************************************** Melts away last year’s snow, Which came down on New Year’s eve But you love me strongly, I know And I’ll love you as long as I live Milky fog around me soars Makes me feel like Fairy Tale And your eyes, which my heart adores I could see through the white wintry veil Though the spring is so far away yet Yes, the April is far away so But unlike this fast melting snow Shall our love away never melt Fades away last year’s snow, which came down on New Year’s eve You are the One and Only And I love you strongly And I will love you as long as I live ====================================== ************************************************************************ *English translation of A. S. Pushkin’s “The Night”, written in 1823 * ************************************************************************ Late silence of dark night disturbing, in my sweet surrender, My voice, to you directed, languid is, while being both soft and tender. My words of poetry, to you they flow babbling, into love song they meld in my poetic candor Being full of you, as passion streams flow my words – to you from me, by you enchanted sender … In darkness of the room I see your shining eyes, they smile to me, revealing their splendor Sad candle burns near my bed – its sparks sometimes your lovely image render … And suddenly the sounds of your voice I hear in love’s magic curse : “My friend, my sweet friend … love you, … I’m yours, I’m yours !” ===================================== ************************************************************************ * My epitaph * ************************************************************************ In lack of glory and the fame He tamed himself be humble and lame He tried to be a man of word To live by peace and not by sword He tried to stay away from crime Except for playing with the rhyme He tried be honest, live in truth Both being himself, being part of Jews He was not perfect, was not saint He didn’t deserve bright colors paint Though he has tried to do what’s right And separate the black from white Don’t judge him harshly if you can Please be forgiving to this man If in his life he caused you harm Forgive his soul and shake his arm ====================================== ************************************************************************ * My grandson’s country * ************************************************************************ I grew in country, which was full of hate To Jews, who never will be there treated equal I am so happy that my grandson’s fate Allowed him in better country to be born and live – in happy family’s life saga sequel I grew in country, where I’ve heard so many times:”Go away you, Jew, – you are not welcomed here, This land is Not your land” – and that was tough for me (and all those Jewish boys and girls like me) to bear My grandson, I believe, will never hear anything like this, while wiping salty tears In my New Country my grandson is proud to be Jew and he could live his life in happiness pursuit without any fears ====================================== ************************************************************************ * My Jewish People – I am your proud son ! * ************************************************************************ My Jewish People, Israel – I am your proud son ! I’m made of tortured flesh of yours and of your ancient blood Since Torah given was to us under the Sinai’s sun Your enemies tried burying us into historic mud Egyptian pharaohs kept my kin in slavery by chains The straws turn slow into bricks by Jewish sweat and pain Just longer look at giant plates of mighty pyramids You’ll see that Jewish blood and tears through their seams they bleed My people’s cry and songs of pray – they to the Lord have gone Being far away from our Land – in bonds of Babylon And kindly G_d has heard our plea and granted our return To our country, our temples, to our ways we yearn But spared by Alexander the Great not long we lived alone Our love for Freedom, our brave revolts caused angry hate of Rome Enraged by courage of the Jews they sent their legions They plowed our sacred Temple, the streets, where we were born The Romans scattered Jews across their vast empire land In hope that in by doing so the tale of Jews will end For thousands years after that the Jews didn’t have their homes Ukraine’s Cossacks killed my kin in savageous Pogroms In Spain our haters burned the Jews in Inquisition flames The Germans tried to wipe us all, as an entire race, By gassing millions of the Jews in extermination camps Where for five years they brought us, packed in the cattle trains Gas chambers witnessed Jewish deaths in scare and despair The Nazis made the pretty bags from skin, and wigs from Jewish hair Five years chimneys fumed with Jewish ash into the shameless air And World in silence watched all that with no help to dare Yet we survived it all in all, the people of the G_d Oh Israel – you’re back with us, protected by the Lord And sacred Wailing Wall in freed Jerusalem Will always be with us, forever and for good, Shma Israel! Amen ! ====================================== ************************************************************************ * My windows face the busy street * ************************************************************************ My windows face the busy street Both day and night the traffic beat Invades my quiet solitude And violates my restful mood Fire trucks, an ambulance, police Disturb my inner conscience peace Their sounds tell me of distress Disaster, death, unhappiness I sense like that the world entire Is crying pain, being set on fire And I feel urgent to respond Discovering my human bond But there are times, which aren’t my best Inside of me wakes up unrest I feel abandoned, I feel weak I don’t sense my heart beat tick And in those times I have the need To hear sounds of the street This buzz connects me to the world To which I cling as last resort It’s nice, being either young or old, To know that’s no matter what No matter what will future hold Life keeps on moving by my road ====================================== ************************************************************************ * New shocking findings on the Beauty and the Beast 😉 * ************************************************************************ World-known psychotherapist Established lately that the Beast In fact was serial rapist And AlQaeda terrorist Most sadly Snow-White at least Was marked as target on his list But wait …. the pervert got the nerves Top listing all small seven dwarfs Did not forget the beasty *fella* To list hard working Cinderella And (hope you don’t get me backwards ) Hotlisted there find we certain Mr. Edwards The line marked *royal* worries bring It has to do with L (dot ?) King “But which of three ?” – one comes to think … No one yet knows, that’s the thing … The scarlet flower, grown by thug Was very potent super drug Herself, the Beauty, being so cute In truth was call-girl prostitute Her cell phone number (fun to text) Is easy dialing “grl-4sex” The rumor has that Tiger Woods Was spotted with her in the woods Another source claims Jessie James Was active partner in her games Oh, those Mormons … 🙂 The roses have thorns The dears have horns Worn feet might have corns Guess what have Mormons … Shark’s teeth sharper are than steel knifes Beware of those, one who dives Yes, swimming with sharks caused many lost lives Including Mormons and their … My riddle to guess Isn’t hard I confess Except for morons To figure what have those Mormons ====================================== ************************************************************************ * Old Mother’s soul * ************************************************************************ The end of her days gets burned out alone In care of the staff in remote nursing home She hardly remembers her name and her age The book of her life turned itself to last page Her mind is confused and her talk lacks the sense She feels that she lives at somebody’s expense No interest in living, no hope, no dream She is locked in herself in the mental extreme Since her husband has died twenty years have gone Since then she has lived by herself, on her own Her only offspring is her sixty years son To whom she gave life and so much she has done He visits her weekly, she cries when he leaves He is so ashamed when he flees like a thief She wants him be near till she is alive He lives at the distance of thirty miles drive She wants be in comfort of family warmth He can not oblige with his heart has been torn She calls him each evening: “Please take me from here !” He tells in return: “I can not, oh My Dear” But once in a while she has painful nightmare That her five years old son still lives in her care She calls on the phone in torment and despair With whom is my Sasha ? Where is he, where ? ====================================== ************************************************************************ * On day when Poetry will die * ************************************************************************ On day when Poetry will die, the day which might be near For names, being scratched from history’s annals: Homer, Horace, Pindar, Anacreon, Ovid, Virgil, Catullus, Dante, Juvenal No one will shed a tear On day when Poetry will die, will world no more revere Petrarch, Marlowe, Byron, Shelley, and even great Shakespeare, Who’s names for some so dear Yes, day might come when Poetry will die, strange as it may appear Will come the day when Poetry will die – my friends let’s be sincere Poems of Heine, Pushkin, Chenier, Mitskewicz, Beranger – no one will ever hear On day when Poetry will die – from memories will be gone Keats, Yeats, Blake, Kipling, Tennyson, Longfellow, Frost, Whitman, Dickinson On day when Poetry will die, no more will people cheer New poets daring to aspire, succeed and be remembered It seems that joy of life that day be brutally severed I don’t want to be around on day when Poetry will die, when art will be dismembered ====================================== ************************************************************************ * On Love and Poetry * ************************************************************************ The love in poetry or poetry in love Which one is my forte I don’t really know Or both or none of the above Or something in between and there in between I go On certain mornings I awake being sick With certain sweet disease that has no other cure Than trying to come up with words, which in my heart would stick Such words, which are in sync with feelings I endure And when I find those words, my rage goes away Transferring into poetry so utterly contagious Infecting those who read – and that what makes my day Rewarding for my efforts, humble in effect, but yet for me enormously courageous ====================================== ************************************************************************ * On rhyme and rhythm * ************************************************************************ When one doesn’t keep the rhyme In the poetry It is not that much of crime It’s just the style, called “free” But when the rhyme the rhythm reminds Of lovemaking It does sure keep the readers minds In the baking … ====================================== ************************************************************************ * Please now look at me * ************************************************************************ My destiny was drafted in the skies My fate was in the depth of hell rewritten for demise Please now look at me and don’t close your eyes And love me as I am or leave me in despise King Midas had the *gift* of turning into gold Just everything whatever with his hands he touches Oh, if I ever able be to turn My love into the word, So precious as You are and meaningful still being as much is ====================================== ************************************************************************ * Rhetorical questions with the answer * ************************************************************************ Why loved ones break up and leave When it snows ? And why nothing brings relief When it goes ? What it means to live with grief – Someone knows ? Will the crying send reprieve When pain grows ? Will the Spring revive belief While the time still flows ? Why world keeps on turning on and one must live No matter what life throws ? Its may be good that life is brief, As it shows ! =============================== ************************************************************************ * Sex could work for older guys * ************************************************************************ Sex could work for older guys (Not being happy otherwise 😉 ) With arrival of Viagra Older guys could play as Tiger Money not to be discount, – Income needs to be well sound; (No love could money buy, sigh When income comes from SSI ) For example – Larry King, He could make his mistress *sing* Not so rich, as him par large ? – Visit then parlor massage As Al Gore you’ll find some use Of the skilled “soft hands” masseuse Otherwise if not sex slab Sign yourself to sex rehab There are girls there who could teach Including those, are well known which, They will train you how to cheat (In Russian “teach” is verb “uchit”) ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The biggest prison on the Earth * ************************************************************************ The biggest prison on the Earth has no solid walls We are all prisoners in it within our own souls We guard ourselves to no escape, we hide in it by will It is so easy to break through but no one ever will We keep the comfort being alone within our selfish selves We ran from freedom on our own, we love our cozy cells We’ve built our prison with no bricks by fear and by scare, By lies, betrayals and neglect, by lack of human care ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The bouquet of roses * ************************************************************************ I was thirteen and I have got a date My very first … and I was so excited I went ahead and flowers bought bouquet Twelve scarlet roses – hoping for Her heart to get ignited I was stood up – she did not make the date ! I felt ashamed, embarrassed and betrayed ! My hands were burning, holding that bouquet Which yelled that I am a failure and reject I threw away this evidence of shame To glowing roses I assigned the blame In instance came relieve, despair went away I still remember vividly that day Experienced by me half century ago But recently this story came again to me to grow While walking by the street I noticed that bouquet Or very similar – I couldn’t tell you more Which lied abandoned on the top of parapet – It was another failure of distraught amour ! I picked it up and gave it to the girl Which came across in sudden strike of luck The one I never met and though street was dark So beautiful she was and precious as a pearl ! She took my gift and payed me with a smile The happy end of story ! …. Though it took a while . ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The country of the cellophane men * ************************************************************************ The cellophane men crowd, they look all the same In spite of the difference in address and name They come home by evening, as lemon being squeezed The turn TV on and they want to be pleased … They watch the News shows, where they get brain washed Then switch to soap operas where life’s classy and posh Where sex in the city – is for filthy and rich Who fly to Dubai to meet sheikhs on the beach … But back to the people, who watch this bull shit … (Who wait for the ball game on Sundays for treat) They go to bed, being afraid of next day, To pay up the bills, keep collectors at bay They get up in the morning, they go to work They don’t make choices, they all look like a dork Back stubbing coworkers, while licking boss’s ass Will “keep them off trouble” – they cowardly guess They need to pay mortgage to reach their dream Too bad that for many it looks like a scheme … They carry the orders, lay low on the shelf Where is this country ? – you figure yourself ! If you are not sure, here comes one more hint “In god we all trust” on the money they mint Some jokers are saying it is a misprint The “l” letter’s omittance was designed to mislead They prey golden calf in the desert, being empty of soul The “Dow Jones” is their value and the profit is their goal If you’re not color blinded, there is one more clue … They vote there for the party, being red or being blue Choose show of donkey or let elephant into the room If pulled the wrong lever, don’t feel like in doom The difference is little, the difference is small The one or another – we know them all …. ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The eyes of death * ************************************************************************ The rumor has it that the man who comes alive from dead Could see Grim Reaper eye to eye attending at his bed That look brings dread, it makes man mad, it brakes his flesh into cold sweat – So never ever eyes of death he dares to forget Upon such meeting mark of fate is burned into man’s eyes So he could see what others can’t, being born not once but twice To his dismay, for his demise he is destined to pay the price To see all cheating and the lies, in spite of cover and disguise His heart can’t love, his soul is dead, He lives with death for life being wed But if the woman falls in love with man, who such spell has Her love could overcome the spell and wipe the wreath of death ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The fourth muse * ************************************************************************ “Should the poet really be faithful in love, To be able to write good love poetry?” I was asked – and I picked the challenger’s glove – – How about Patmore, Coventry ? Yet there was one, who loved mostly his “Cats” Keeping wife, locked as being mad, with no regrets While inheriting her wealth and estate Leaving her alone to live and die in her dare mental state … As for mistresses… – the poet at least could have three Say, three muses of his poetry Those whom poet gave his heart for life Those, with each of them he wants to stay in love But if three ladies are fine, why he couldn’t have four … Adding real one, who may stay, when he can’t write no more One, who’s not jealous for the other three One, who cares and will not let him free But if she’ll tell me that she wants be my the only ONE, I’ll quit poetry and into her arms I will run Arms, which keep me in such a warmly embrace That our hearts start to beat in one madly pace But if some day I’ll get old for her too I don’t know what with my life will I do How I’ll live and will cope with the pain So deep that may drive me insane ? ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The heart does not lie * ************************************************************************ The heart of lover does not lie When speaks from love that will not die My love is blind but my heart cries You see the tears in my eyes ? The cry of heart is such of sort – just by one’s heart it could be heard The special one, who went same road and knows how love could hurt You said that you could read the voice That you could hear truth through noise Why couldn’t you hear cry of love Which comes from me to you, my half ? Your kindness towards your “just friend” is killing me on other hand Such kindness is quite harmful rather – it saves the one and kills another ! The heart in love could not be patient … It suffers in anticipation ! I never searched the truth in vine But in this case it might work fine Instead of seeing my plea sinking I’d rather shut myself by drinking ! You could deceive yourself in reason that you just want to keep him breathing That your sole purpose is to please him You could insist that that’s your goal But your insistence tells me all That you’re afraid to tell what’s true You need him more than he needs you ! What else might tell you I this night ! You can’t deny that I am right ! Just let me stay and taste the misery Don’t add insult to my heart injury By saying that I don’t have your trust You should believe me! Yes, you must ! ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The play of life * ************************************************************************ In our youth we roam around according to our age Until some day we realize that world is one big stage We enter it through opened gate so eager to engage With no purpose to fulfill, like beasts, which ran from cage But play of life comes to its end, comes to the end the plot And actors leave the stage, in turns, according to their lot The only Viewer from above in boredom watches shows, The endless comedies of beings, the ones so well He knows ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The road of life * ************************************************************************ I spent my strength, I spent my will To climb on top of rocky hill The time has come of going down There is no way around It’s easy sliding in descent With less efforts to the end To my left and to my right I could see no one in site There is no need for glancing back To the past – it will hurt neck Weighing in a retrospective Was the travel worth objective I prefer to close my eyes While looking forward to goodbyes, Touching down in crash and burn With no one for me to mourn ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The story of the stupid Russian spy * ************************************************************************ In the court I told the judge Here is my story – no fudge ! Please forgive my broken English Which makes me easy be *distinguished* I wish my deeds could be recanted … Ten years went as I was planted In the land of USA, Life was pleasing, I must say With mortgage paid by KGB In the States it’s nice to be It was easy to forget That I’m cell of spying net Suddenly my phone got ring: (Now I know, it was a sting …) “Could have met we in Beijing ?” That was secret greeting *thing*, Well remembered spy net code So I answered right a way (acting like an idiot) Phrase, which I was trained to say: “Yes, we might, how have you been ? – Was it rather in Harbin ? Wait, my wife is saying: Hi, We have met – but in Shanghai ….” Then I dug from hiding spot Packed with dollars heavy pot With a notice (oh my Gosh!): “Dirty money – needs some wash!” I assumed that note has meant To launder cash with detergent Making dough look shine and clean I put bills in wash-machine Heavy cycle took the spin Next came drying all that green Job was done with lots of care And few quarter coins to spare No idea that was prank, I brought money to the bank But no luck could money buy When it comes from FBI … Though I really can’t complain Being sent quickly on the plane Back to Russia with few guys Who were all like me wise spies ====================================== ************************************************************************ * The time has come to say good bye to love * ************************************************************************ I’m coming to grips with the truth I have failed to keep up with past youth The time has come for me to say good bye to love … Of which unfortunately no-one could get enough These cruel laws, which are set by cruel time So well secured, that no loving crime Could perpetrate time drawn killing line Beyond which only memories are left for me to chime Being slowly touched under the winds of sad and lone resign …. Those memories will never get erased Without those my winter days of life would be the total waste ====================================== *********************************************** * The truth be told * ********************************************** The truth be told, if you are smart Don’t burn yourself in flames of art For sacrifice of soul and heart You will find out that pay is hard The truth be told, if you are eager The life’s reward is not pay’s figure But still, how much you want to give For so little to receive Right back, in terms of recognition The truth be told, forget ambition Don’t burn yourself in flames of art For sacrifice of soul and heart ====================================== *********************************************** * The Yellow Star of Jewish Ghetto * ********************************************** The Yellow Star of Jewish Ghetto Deep into my skin is set to Six million weeping yellow stars Are in my heart as painful scars They radiate such burning light Like sun, which rose amidst the Night The Night of Death, the Night of Sin The Night of Crimes against my kin Yet through the covers of that Night These yellow stars did shine so bright With cry, which spreads through Universe, Six million voices strong eternal curse To beasts, with swastika on sleeves To killers, torturers and thieves Who brought such Shame on Human Race Which no one ever will erase Six million weeping yellow stars Are in my heart as painful scars I want the World to feel my pain For Jewish lives being lost in vain ====================================== *********************************************** * There is nothing now could I do * ********************************************** There is nothing now could, my Queen, I do Just to be instead of him and climb your window Just to be that lucky boy from vicinity That same lucky one, who broke your sweet virginity One, who was your first, your body wanted whom One, you let to sneak to your maiden room He was the one who made your passion turning He was the one who’s love you were returning He was the one whom then you were caressing He was the one for whom you rushed to get undressing He was the one to whom you gave yourself without warning He was the one you kissed way out in the mornings If I would have it now – the magic Time Machine I would fly back there where have you been I would throw myself between you and him I would beg your love, I would yell and scream I would cry my tears, I would be enraged But there is nothing then could I really change … He still would be the one who made your passion turning He still would be the one who’s love you were returning He still would be the one whom then you were caressing He still would be the one for whom you rushed to get undressing He still would be the one to whom you gave yourself without warning He still would be the one you kissed way out in the mornings ====================================== *********************************************** * There was a girl * ********************************************** There was a site for writers and book readers There was a guy, who liked to post on it his rhymes There also was a girl, who read his poetry sometimes And strangely found she herself eventually attached To honest feelings of his humble words so much, Which made him fall for her and she became his love and cheer leader ====================================== *********************************************** * Those loveless years * *********************************************** Many people lived whole life, where loneliness was rife, with no love being met – life’s not fair And they don’t know yet and they even don’t fret, they just don’t care But when love gets sparked inside – they look back in hindsight with regret and despair, To those loveless years chain, with no happiness or pain, felt as lost so much in vain, – in compare Many songs have strong love words – but they don’t touch the cords, yes, as such, the lonely hearts they just don’t touch And they pass our ears loose, having nothing to amuse, with no meaning and no use But in love, same songs we choose in the moment of the truth Every word becomes so true and we listen through and through – and then it means so much I want to sing my own song, with my not so skillful tongue, how I missed and how I long You – to whom I so belong; you – for whom my love’s so strong – it will never go wrong Not believing fully yet that my love is truly met, though I have nothing to regret for my feelings, that you share As for my many loveless years, passed and spent before by chance we met – I just don’t care ! ====================================== *********************************************** * To YOU * *********************************************** I had no interest in my life I lost its purpose, will to strife I drifted slowly through the dark With no challenge to embark Upon this journey to abyss With no friend, no lover with My poems were my only door Through which I ventured onto shore From seas of troubles to escape To shout rhyming cry for help I did not hope to get reply YOU were my blessing from the sky ! YOU are my angel and my whore The one to care and adore ! YOU are my spirit and my muse YOU are my wisdom and my truth You give me joy, when I feel blue -In Russian: ” Ya tebya lyublyu !” I’ll kill for you, I’ll die for you ! ====================================== *********************************************** * Two people live inside my skin * *********************************************** Two people live inside my skin One’s coward and one’s bold One takes the blows under chin Another shuns the world They hate each other so much, being bound by the chain They are engaged in fighting match – the endless fight with no gain As such, I’m left to be their judge, the judge who feels the pain One tells me: “Live with no fears, be what you are with pride !” Another whispers in my ears: “Shut up yourself and hide” Two people live inside my skin And Lord one knows who will win ====================================== *********************************************** * When the childhood comes back again * *********************************************** When the childhood comes back again Through the window of your fast life train Just before train will reach final stop Open window, let your childhood to hop Into cabin where loneliness dwells As your only companion on rails Let your childhood take you by hand Trusting you as you’ve trusted your dad Take a journey together back to the past Into times where hours could last Into times where the days were so long Into innocent times where nothing was wrong When the childhood comes back your way Don’t push it away, let it stay, let it play Let it share its secrets and dreams While its head to your head softly leans Let it be your true loyal friend Let it stay in your life to the end ====================================== *********************************************** * When the push comes to the shove * *********************************************** When the push comes to the shove Is it worth to be caught in love ? Should I better plant a tree Than to sing my love through the poetry ? Tree could grow and give some shade While the love with the time might just fade In the love it takes two to dance. In a sweet and absorbing romance Does love live on the buying time Keeping linger the dying rhyme ? Is it worth be in love just for once Trying savoring happy chance ? Could two lovers forever embrace Dancing slowly face to face ? Will the glowing of love in your eyes One day die and then turn into ice ? Love on slippery dancing floor May just seize and be there no more And abandoned by you, in despair I’ll stay there alone among dancing pairs In the middle of music, with nowhere to go As in dreaded pathetic and comical show …. When the push comes to the shove Is it worth to be caught in love ? ====================================== *********************************************** * Why * *********************************************** Why on earth we want often for the time to run fast While we know that moments we wait for so much will not last If the life would consist just of moments we wait Would we quickly burn selves to the end at such rate, in unfortunate fate ? If the life would consist just of moments of love Would we quickly loose meaning of feelings we have and just say at some point:”For G_d’s sake, it’s enough !” Let it be as it is, let it stay as it stay There is wisdom for why world is made in this way For the moments of love there is the price to be paid Blessed be moments of love, blessed be years of wait ====================================== *********************************************** * You asked for my forgiveness * *********************************************** You asked for my forgiveness – no problem, I could give you that I doubt though it will ever make You feel as you expect – quite glad Let You consider me as being insensitive and bad As much as I forgave I never shall forget ! You asked to stick around – sure Dear, I indeed may stay But hardly You will find that this will make your day Let You consider me being cold and causing pain There is nothing You could do to make me love again The feeling’s gone and can not be revived by will Love resurrection is impossible, my Friend, so simply let’s be real Betrayal is the wound, which no witch could heal When Love is crucified it stays forever killed ====================================== *********************************************** * Young And Tender Love Forever * *********************************************** When I handsome was and young my first love caressed me sweetly Held me close to her heart, kept me strongly in her arms Kissing tender, kissing hard, giving all of her to me But amidst love labor passion her pale face was full of tears “Our fate to be apart” – whispered she between the moaning And in silence I remained, giving back myself to her Since I knew that she was right, I saw no use in lying “But shall never you forget – me, and all my tender loving; I will always be your FIRST; I will always be your ONLY; Any women will you hold – it is ME you will be holding!” -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: Many years have gone since then But her words were true however Though our lives have strayed apart She is in my heart forever! ====================================== *********************************************** * Your tender breathing (or variations on Elvis) * *********************************************** Suddenly it became very cold outside – I feel it in my room, I need your love to warm me up and to dispel my gloom Your tender breathing next to me blows away the chill You have made me feel that way and you always will You turn winter into spring, sunshine your smile brings You help me not to fall down and fly under your wings In my dreams I think of you, and when I am awake Loving you helps me to live, helps worries to forsake Freezing wind keeps blowing in, turns tears into ice If you’d be right now with me that would dry my eyes Your tender breathing next to me would make my sorrows go If you, my Darling, would love me …. Oh, I love you so ! ====================================== *********************************************** * When mind and soul do not agree * *********************************************** It makes so difficult and hard When mind and soul do not agree When life is prison for the heart, Which cries in pain to let it free It is so painful and unfair To live surrounded by the wall To not be able life to share With one who’s dearest to your soul ====================================== *********************************************** * Odd couples * *********************************************** The funny scene was on my screen On my TV last night I’ve seen … Obama walked with British Queen In court’s reception strict routine It feels somehow strangely quite … News clip looked bleak like black and white With just one color in between For royal hat in ugly green Ten feet behind them walked so slow Michelle with regal Gigolo Both were all smiles – which was so sweet Odd couples though – I must admit ====================================== *********************************************** * The mystique secret of the night * *********************************************** The mystique secret of the night Embraces us and holds us tight In its evasive grip of freak Which treats one’s life with danger’s trick Night wears covers of the dark Full of adventures to embark On scary trip set by the fate To risky pleasures we await We step, we dive into the night To lose what holds us at day light To free dark corners of the soul To shut the conscious and control And every face looks like a mask, Face painted by the dusk to bask, But may be really night reveals The truth of us, which day conceals ? ====================================== *********************************************** * Laugh and Tears always go hand in hand * *********************************************** Laugh and Tears always go hand in hand Helping broken soul and mind, being terribly confused, to mend The fabric of human life is such That it’s getting teared down quickly by the “bad news” punch The fabric of human life is such That it’s sown to be whole again by gentle human touch Sunny days are intermixed with gloomy days of rain Days of happiness are coalesced with days of pain Light of the day gets followed up with darkness of the night There is always time for love and there is time for fight There is time for everyone to throw stones There is always time for screams of joy and time for mournful moans Laugh and Tears always go in our life by “hand in hand” That’s how it has been and how it will be until day’s end ====================================== *********************************************** * Said who * *********************************************** I will purchase all the treasures of the world – said the Gold I will conquer all the lands on Earth into my hold – said the Sword I will enter through your ears and your eyes into your mind, be you young or old, To fill your spirit with the faith, to bring your soul into my fold – said the Word of Lord ====================================== *********************************************** * The history and social progress are driven by defined objective law * ***************************************

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