On USSR/Russia history – brief notes

On USSR/Russia history - brief notes



On USSR/Russia history – brief notes

Suddenly out of blue I have decided to put together my understanding of the certain periods of the USSR/Russia’s history.
Of course since I left the country 30 years ago I was not personally witnessing some of the events, which I am trying to describe below.
USSR was not a “pure” Communist state.
It was some mix of providing the Socialist economical/social fundamental benefits such as ( “FREE” Health, “FREE” Education, ” (almost) FREE”Housing, “Right to work”) with the despotical pyramidal governing structure.
All of above “FREE” benefits were in fact financed through the hidden upfront taxation, which was reducing remaining payaeble salaries of the most of the population to the amount just sufficient to sustain the need in food and closing.

Plehanov was much more educated in the are of the theoretical Marxism, than Lenin was, and he rightfully
pointed to Lenin (and his followers) that Russia/Russians (economically and spiritually) is (for few hundreds years to go) not ready for the Socialism system. Lenin was a political gambler and also mostly wanted to prove to himself that he is better than his older brother, Alexander, who went into terrorism and was hanged by tzar) .
Since Russians were not ready for the Socialism, Lenin relied on opressed ethnical minorities (Jews, Pols, Latvians) and some Russian intelligentzia to perform the revolution. So it was not a “people’s”
revolution at all.
Obviously such “artificial” Socialist system eventually got eroded and corrupted from the top and, as the result, the  USSR got destroyed by its own corrupted top circles, particularly (strangely enough ) by the KGB itself – the organ of opression, which was initially created to uphold the regime.

KGB at the time of the fall of USSR in late 1980s became a stronger force than the Communist party apparatus, to which the KGB was originally subordinate and it were the KGB ranks, that cynically decided that there is no more need to “hide” behind the Communist principles –
so shortly after semi volunteered/semi forced departure of Jews, KGB did away with Communists (using Eltsin as a figurehead).
It is the KGB and some renegade Communists top ranks who got into possession of all the “denationalized” industries and properties.
Russian people got nothing in this “denationalization” and were put into the total poverty (comparing with some minimum guaranteed by Socialist system).
KGB/FSB (Putin, Medvedev and their associates ) merged with the top organized criminal structures and together they are ruling the country (nowdays Russia).
But since there is no “social life” in Russia now  – they (the KGB/FSB ) don’t have anymore the need for spying on its own people, which is downed into the total economical and spiritual swamp.
There is still no (for few more hundred years to go –  at least) democracy in Russia
– instead it was,  is and it will be a dictatorship (as Russian people are not ready for another, other than Dictatorship, type of ruling).
With regards to Putin’s installment of his puppet Medvedev (in he light of recent Putin’s comments at “Valdai club”) – this is to be compared with two Russian historical  dictatorial precedents:

1) The fact of Ivan IV’s (“The Terrible”) installing of Tatar Prince to the Russian throne (while Ivan IV himself went to the Monastery …).  This Ivan IV’s move of installing incapable and scared to death Tatar Prince – (please note that Ivan IV’s sadistically designed humiliation of the Russian people by choosing Tatar) was designed to force Russian people to beg Ivan IV  to return back to power – so he could continue to rule from the position of “people’s approved” strength …

2) Peter I (“The Great”) while being in Holland installed  as the temporary ruler Tsar-Cesar Romanodavskyi , whom he (Peter) completely trusted.

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