Re-rise of Islamism & decline of Western Judo-Christian Civilization

Modern History



Soviet invasion into Afghanistan in 1980, followed by the first US-Iraq war, events of 09/11/2001 and subsequent second US-Iraq war and also US/NATO military actions in Afghanistan signified the beginning of the new rise of Islamism and simultaneous beginning of decline of Western Judo-Christian Civilization.

While Soviet invasion into Afghanistan in 1980 caused the crash of the Soviet regime and disintegration of the USSR, the first US-Iraq war, events of 09/11/2001 and subsequent second US-Iraq war and US military actions in Afghanistan signified the beginning of decline of Western Judo-Christian Civilization and also the beginning of the demise of USA as world dominating political, financial, industrial and military power.

The “de facto” beneficiaries of all above events was resurrecting movement of radical militant Islamism in the countries of Muslim world and also in lesser degree the regime of China, which is on its way to replace USA in the role of world dominating political, financial, industrial and military power.
More specifically the most gainful beneficiary of the second US-Iraq war was Iran.

I do not share idea, expressed in
that technology is the only defining factor in
the birth and death of civilization but I agree (only) with the
following parts in there

Some of the patterns that appear from an examination of the first four
civilizations include the following:

   (2) New civilizations produce new institutions of power as
functions once handled informally become organized, detach as separate
power centers, and assert political and cultural dominance.

   (3) Each civilization develops its own dominant beliefs and
values, its own models of attractive personality, and its own
“religion” in a broad sense.

   (4) Civilizations follow a life cycle in which their period of
“youth” is marked by vigorous growth and cultural creativity, their
period of “adulthood” is marked by the formation of empires, and their
period of “decline” is marked by institutional coercion and violence
involving those empires.

   (5) Themes or values that prevailed at the beginning of an
historical epoch often give way to their opposite as the epoch comes
to an end.

It should be noted also that Iran’s revolution and Iran-US relations were at
the time (and are all the time since then)  vestiges of the “beginning
of the end” for USA.

When Tatar-mongols defeated (crashed) the first cycle of Islam
dominance (this defeat culminated in capturing Baghdad and hanging
calif upside down on the highest minaret there,
with subsequent wrapping calif’s body into the carpet roll and riding
cavalry over this rolled carpet) – Tatar-mongols victory was the
king Pirr’s victory. Pretty soon after that one of the too
  Tatar-mongol partition (The Golden Horde) converted to Islam and few
decades later the second part of Tatar-mongol partitioned empire
followed the suite.
I see analogy between above described past Tatar-mongols “success” and
the current results of US “defeating” Iraq.

While Tatar-mongol empire disintegrated and went into oblivion, the
Islamism survived and resurrected itself in the shape of the Turkish
Ottoman Empire, and then later after Turkish Ottoman Empire fall,
Islam did not die but went into lethargic dormancy (being awoken in
1970th ).

Following the historical saga of rise and fall of  ”modern” World
empires, I am also “inspired” by the history how England slowly dig
its own grave (as the World empire).
The first step, was “victorious” “30 years war”  (also called Indian
French war), which practically wiped French from North America (except
for Quebec) .
Again this victory was the king Pirr’s victory for England. The actual
beneficiary were 13 colonies. When England, highly indebted as a
result of this “victory”, tried to recoup its financial losses by
imposing higher taxes on those  13 colonies  - which was somewhat
fair, because those colonies did greatly benefit by being able to
expand without limit to the west – since French forts built across
from north (Great Lakes) to south (Gulf/Louisiana) along Mississippi
river were destroyed/abandoned/dismantled. Yet at this point the
“boomerang” of war stroked back at “red coats” and the 13 colonies
gained its independence – that was the first blow to the English
empire. The second blow was caused by GB/England “victory” over
Germany in WW1 (the beneficiary was US) and the final blow was caused
by GB/England “victory” over Germany in WW2 and subsequent
“decolonization” (the beneficiary was again US, which succeeded UK as
the leading world empire at that time ).

I have read someplace (but do not have the real data) that US was the
primary foreign lender of England’s national debt in the WW1  - WW2
times …
If that is true – then taking in account that China is the primary
foreign lender of US national debt – do we see (by analogy) the proof
that similarly to US succeeding UK as the leading world empire then,
China will succeed US ?

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