Who was driving the *show* during the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR)?

Modern History



Modern History

 I am interested in experts opinion on circumstances of breakage of the USSR.
I was not able to find any serious article on this issue .

Who was driving the *show* during the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR)?
It could not be totally running by chance and “out of control”.

Definitely – one should not call what was happening in the 1990 as the “Revolution” –
because millions of people across the USSR did not play any role in
what happened then (I would not call the 1917 events to be the Revolution either – for
the same reason – it was rather a “coup”, driven by the small group
of intelligentsia and national minorities such as us – Jews, Latvians,
Poles, Georgians, Armenians, who were acting as “commissars”, who were
leading some small group of factory/plant workers and soldiers  in Petersburg (Petrograd) and in lesser degree – in Moscow).

So let us get back to the events of 1990s ….
Like the saying tells: “In the murder investigation – always look for people who would take advantage of what has happened … – they did it …”
So in 1990 it was some group of people from the top, who had the power and
authority  …
Some people were controlling the direction of where it is going ?
Some circles (among those who were *in the power* – “force” structures )  were interested in such outcome …
Who those people would be – some Party circles, KGB circles, Army ?
Do we have the answer ?

Were the reasons economical or political or both or neither?
What social force(s) were driving this break-up or was it just driven
from very top (as typical for that country then and now) .

What was position of KGB at that point ?
It appears that the  KGB at that time was divided into “for-break-up,
get rid of communism” and “against break-up, keep the communism”
parties (with Putin belonging to latter) ?

What was the role of general Kalugin (on the anecdotal level – there
is the book by Dashkova, – I forgot the title, where she portrays
Kalugin under the name of Belugin … – in this book she implies that
Kalugin was at that time closely cooperating with CIA and receiving
money, allocated by R. Reagan to “knock-down” the “evil empire”.
Perhaps (my guess) KGB was using “democratic movement”, which was very
active at that time, as the “riding horse” to achieve the objective of
 removing the ruling role of the Communist Party. So (to repeat mu
guess) the Soviet  ”democratic movement” for the KGB was the horse,
which could do this job and later be “put to sleep”  (as it happened)
– is it plausible ?

Also why Putin was chosen by Eltcin to succeed him ?
Did Putin (KGB) had some compromising material on Eltcin (like that he
was on USA’s pay ?) which forced Eltcin to select Putin (that is to
select the person from KGB) ?

PS In the summer of 1980, while getting stuck with getting “OVIR” (KGB’s/MVD Department of Visass and Permissions) permission to leave USSR
(I applied in 1979 and got the permission in 1981), I had a brief conversation on the beach of the Moscow canal – metro “Vodnyi Stadion” with the young guy, who introduced himself as being the son of one of
the KGB’s generals .
He told me then (in a very sympathetic way) that soon the country will undergo political and economical changes to become more like USA.
But first, he said, that there is the need to get rid of Jews  - by pushing them to immigrate
(secretly of course, while on the surface pretending that authorities are against their immigration – so the Jews and remaining population of USSR would not know or guess it).
The reason for getting rid of the Jews, he explained,  is because Russians should not have such skillful and fierce economical competitors as Jews are, at the time when the new “market” economy will be unleashed as a result of forthcoming economical and political changes.

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